Dear Gauvorplattlers, Participants and Trachtler,

It is a privilege for Gauverband Nordamerika to host the Preisplattln for the Bavarian Lion in Haldenwang, Allgäu, this year. While we have participated in the event for a number of years, this is our first time to be responsible for the organization and running of the competition. We thank you all for including us and allowing us to participate in the past, but especially this year for trusting us to run the competition.

It is important that we acknowledge the efforts of Trachtenverein D’Wageggler Börwang-Haldenwang e.V. in helping us plan for this event, for providing the venue, and for all of the work they are doing to help ensure everything is in place. Without their support our endeavor would be impossible. For their partnership and support we extend our tremendous gratitude and heartfelt thanks.

At the Gauvorplattler’s meeting last fall, the group agreed to allow the use of a special Hutzeichen for the participants and winners in this year’s competition. This special pin will display the logo of Gauverband Nordamerika. We thank the group for allowing us this honor. The group also agreed to allow the use of English score sheets for those judges requiring them. While many of our members do read and write in German, we thank you for this convenience.

Also as decided at the Gauvorplattler’s meeting last fall, the start numbers for the competition will be determined prior to our competition day. This will be done by an unaffiliated group, and the results will be posted on this website the week before the competition. We still ask, however, that the Gauvorplattlers check in on the day of competition to confirm the attendance of their participants. Registration will open at 8:00 am, and we ask the judges to be present at 8:15 for a short meeting and warm up practice in the dance circles prior to the start of competition at 9:00 am.

Lastly, Gauverband will have a musician available at each of the dance circles. If anyone would like to use one of these musicians, you can contact us (Rudy Leschke at rjleschke@att.net) to coordinate what music you wish to dance to.

We are excited to report that 253 Einzelplatteln competitors and 27 groups have registered, and look forward to seeing you in Haldenwang on June 2nd 2018.

Herzliche Grüße,
Adam Schaefer 1. Gauvorplattler
Rudy Leschke 2. Gauvorplattler
Karin Schwab Gauvortänzerin